Hilos ❤️ HubSpot

With our native integration, sync your contacts, get notified of new conversations and trigger WhatsApp messages from HubSpot workflows.

This is what you can build with our integration👇


Have your CRM be the source of truth.

  • Sync all your contacts from HubSpot to Hilos with our initial sync.

  • When a contact is created, updated or deleted in HubSpot, Hilos syncs it in real time.

  • Get from the contact detail on HubSpot to our Inbox in 1 click and back!

  • Every time a contact starts a conversation in Hilos, you'll get a notification in your HubSpot contact timeline.


    You can also update contacts and start automated flows with your existing HubSpot workflows.

    • Create, update or delete a contact.

    • Start an automated flow for a contact.

      Add WhatsApp to your CRM with Hilos.

      Sync your contacts and automate what you need through WhatsApp.

      Sync your contacts.

      Hilos syncs your contacts in real time: when you create a new contact in HubSpot, Hilos automatically mirrors it. Same thing if you update or delete a contact.

      We add a new property to every synced contact called  WhatsApp Conversation Link with which you can quickly get from HubSpot to Hilos with one click.

      And to get from our Inbox back to HubSpot, we add a button called See in CRM in the Contact tab.

      Updated timeline

      Everytime your contact starts a conversation through WhatsApp, Hilos creates a new card in the contact timeline so you can keep track of the conversations in Hilos.

      Automate with Workflows

      After adding HubSpot to your Hilos account you'll also be able to do several actions in Hilos from a HubSpot workflow: update a contact or trigger an outbound flow for your contact.

      Connect your CRM and WhatsApp

      without code.