The complete WhatsApp API software for your company.

Hilos lets you use WhatsApp as a support, sales and operations channel for your company, using our multi-agent Inbox and automated conversation flows.

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Helping support, sales and operations team in companies like:

All your customer communication in WhatsApp.

It's not just a support channel: it can become the way you do business.

Here are a couple of use cases you most likely have in your company:

You made the sale.
Getting paid doesn't have to be hard.

Use WhatsApp to remove any friction on your customer payment journey.

With integrations with processors like Stripe or Retrypay, send payment links directly in an automated flow. Your customer doesn't need to log in, find the invoice that's due or navigate inside your app or website. The link is created when the customer requests it in the chat, no need to search for it.

You can test this flow clicking on the button below👇

Profile your leads from the start.

They've already clicked on your ad: next is to know everything about your new lead.

With Hilos you can create forms directly in WhatsApp to capture all the relevant data you need from every lead.

Then, send this data to your CRM with our integrations and properly prioritize your new lead with your sales team.

In this example we integrated Airtable to send this form's answers to a spreadsheet in real time. Check it out below!👇

When the flow ends we send all the captured data to this Airtable:

This is as easy as it gets to run your company's processes on WhatsApp.
The best part? There's no code involved, so everyone in your company can create their own flows.

Hilos is all-inclusive 🚀

Hilos has a multi-agent Inbox + automated conversation flows + WhatsApp newsletters + CRM integrations.

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Automated flows

Create automated conversation flows in WhatsApp and integrate them with your tools without code.

  • Trigger flows for incoming messages or send flows to a list of contacts.

  • Make it personal by using variables to personalize your messages.

  • Create validated, complex forms.

  • Query information from any API and use it in your flow.

  • Send data to your CRM / ERP / API and other tools you're already using, like Airtable, etc.

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Icon for inbox: WhatsApp Web built for business


All your company in one phone number.

  • Built to support every team workflow: support, customer success, sales, operations and KAMs.

  • Support for every kind of WhatsApp message (location, contacts, media, etc).

  • Advanced filters, search and views.

  • Tags, user assignment, notes, everything required to keep track of every conversation.

  • Personalized usage analytics.

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Icon for broadcasts: send WhatsApp newsletters


Send newsletters through WhatsApp.

  • Choose a template to send, upload a .csv with phone numbers and go!

  • Analytics for every broadcast sent.

  • If you get an answer, continue chatting with that contact in our Inbox.

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Connect your WhatsApp number with the tools your company already uses.

  • Zapier integration, available in all our plans.

  • Native HubSpot integration(from our Scale plan), including Workflow support.

  • Save and query information to any external API in our flows.

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