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There are two components to our pricing: the Hilos subscription + the WhatsApp API usage fees.

Our plans

Launch 🚀

$95 / mo

  • 2 inbox seats

  • 1000 Monthly Active Customers for automated messaging**

  • Your first 1000 WhatsApp conversations are free every month

  • Unlimited messages per contact

  • Unlimited Flows and steps

  • Unlimited Broadcasts

  • Full API and Webhooks for integrating Hilos

  • Connect all your apps with our Zapier integration

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Scale 📈

$245 / mo

  • Everything on the Launch 🚀 plan

  • 5 inbox seats

  • 2,500 Monthly Active Customers for automated messaging**

  • Native HubSpot integration

  • SLA + priority support

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Add additional inbox seats at $35 USD/mo.

All prices shown are USD.

**A Monthly Active Customer (MAC) is any WhatsApp number that sends or receives a message through an automated flow in a given month.

These are the subscription costs for Hilos, the WhatsApp API usage fees are not included.

WhatsApp API usage fees

These are the fees that WhatsApp charges for using their API to send messages.

WhatsApp charges by 24-hour conversation windows, depending on who sent the first message. Once a conversation window is open, you can send any number of messages to this contact without extra fees.

Preguntas frecuentes

What will my final cost be?

Hilos will charge you for the plan you choose + inbox seats you add. If you're using Twilio to host your phone number, they will charge you separately for it.

Hilos will also charge you for your WhatsApp API usage fees.

Why does WhatsApp have a separate usage fee?

WhatsApp charges this fee to anyone wanting to use their API to send messages to their users. It's similar to how sending an SMS has a fee as well.

Why is the WhatsApp fee lower for user initiated conversations vs business initiated?

This is because WhatsApp wants to encourage end users to chat with businesses when it's relevant to them. However it doesn't mean that businesses can't start conversations with their users, it just means that it's slightly cheaper to have your users write to you.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, for more than 10 inbox seats or over 8k Monthly Active Contacts we can create a custom plan for your company.

How do I pay?

Hilos will invoice you at end of month for all Hilos' specific usage, like inbox seats and automations. For WhatsApp API usage fees, we'll invoice you separately for your previous month usage once we get your account usage report from WhatsApp.

Payments can be made with a debit or credit card, and we process these payments through Stripe for a safe and secure experience. We do not store any Credit Card information on our servers.

Are there any extra fees for becoming an Official Business Account (OBA), or green tick?

With this feature, your company can have a green tick next to your name when a user opens a conversation with your company's phone number.

There is no extra fee for this service, but make sure you read 360Dialog and Meta's policies on the official requirements.

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