Streamline your WhatsApp with our shared Inbox.

All your staff, one WhatsApp number. Hilos comes with a world-class multi-agent Inbox to handle manually replying to your customers' messages, with all you'd expect from WhatsApp Web, but built for business.

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Ready for every team in your company.

Our Inbox is built to work properly for every team, no matter their workflow.

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Support agents

Assign one or more agents per conversation.

Keep track of who's already handling each conversation with our ticketing system.

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Support managers

All the analytics required to evaluate your agents performance.

Group conversations by why your customers are contacting you, get numbers on time to close each ticket, time answer, and even send them an automated C-SAT survey.

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Sales and Customer Success

Perfect for when you have someone assign to an account and that person should always answer their messages.

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When chatting with multiple people at the same time it can get confusing for your customer. Add every user's name before the actual message to avoid this.

Here's why you'll love our Inbox

Built for WhatsApp.

Use every type of message available to you in WhatsApp: send messages with buttons and interactive lists, as well as send and receive stickers, documents, images, audios, videos, locations, contacts, etc.

Everything your customers send you will work on Hilos.

Start conversations.

Our Inbox is not limited to answering messages: you can also start conversations with your customers by choosing a template message.

We also automatically manage the conversation window, so you know when you can answer with a free text message and when you need to use a template. This way, all your messages reach your customers.

screenshot of a text conversation

All the context is belong to you.

No need to guess what is your customer talking to you about: see who and when each message was sent, including if it was an automated message or someone on your team sent it.

We also show you every time the conversation ticket changes state, a new tag or note is added, or when the assigned agent changes.

For automations we'll also show you every time you send a broadcast or the contact starts a flow, so you always know what you've sent to that contact.

Automation ready.

Do you get asked for a specific service or action frequently via WhatsApp? You can start a flow and manage its execution straight from the Inbox, so your team's time is not wasted.
And while the contact is in a flow, we won't notify you of their messages.

In case you send a broadcast or flow to a contact with an active conversation with your team, you can choose whether Hilos should wait to send that message, or send it disregarding the ticket status.

screenshot of an automated message

Add tags and notes.

To manage different types of workflows, you can manage conversations and contacts separately and tag them properly.

This way important contacts won't get lost, while you get to categorize conversations to keep track of why they write to you, for example.

You can also add internal notes for your team, so everyone that sees this conversation knows what's the latest.

Quick replies.

You can also create and save quick replies so you can optimize your time and make every answer consistent for your customers.

And to make it even easier, you can also use variables in your quick replies to automatically use the contact's name or the agent's name.

Filter, search and manage conversation views.

You have plenty of ways to find the conversation you're looking for: search by phone numbers or contact name, filter conversations you've been assigned to, by tags, unread or unanswered messages and more.

And once you know which filters you use on a regular bases, save them as views so you can quickly move between them.

Hilos works where you are.

You can install Hilos to your Android or iOS phone and keep your Inbox on the go.

On Android + Chrome everything works as expected, including push notifications. On iOS we're not there yet, but we'll soon add support for notifications on iOS.

Hilos’ WhatsApp API on an iPhone

Get your team the

best WhatsApp Inbox.