Flows: automate your WhatsApp messages

With Flows you can build automated conversation flows so your users can do common tasks in your platform/app without leaving WhatsApp, all without being a tech expert or writing code.

screenshot of automated messaging steps on Hilos’ website

Why use Flows?

Use Flows to automate your business processes: profile your leads, onboard your users, reactivate users about to churn, or create service notifications.

More than a WhatsApp bot.

Build flows to automate tasks like notifying customers and capture validated data from your users, just like a website form.

Excellent for profiling leads, rescheduling appointments, answering frequent questions, sending reminders, requesting feedback, and so much more.

Integrates with your existing systems.

Connect your CRM/ERP or other systems and use that data to create personalized messages for the best customer experience.

Then, automatically get the data from a flow back into your system using our API and Webhooks. Connect it to any platform using Zapier or another automation tool.

Scale your team.

Easily handle more customers with the same team by automating the 80% of repetitive tasks that your business faces.

Solve issues without human intervention and when that doesn't cut it, connect your users with the right team or person.

Automate your messaging.

  • Smart triggers.

    Start flows by sending a message to your customers, or by matching a pattern for an incoming message.

  • Unlimited steps.

    Add as many steps and messages as you need.

  • Personalize your messages.

    Personalize your messages using contact attributes or answers to a previous question from the same flow.

  • Ask questions, get validated answers.

    Flows comes with basic data types built-in, like emails, urls, phone numbers, single or multiple options, location, etc.

  • Integrates with your workflow.

    Using our API you can trigger flows at any time. And when a contact finishes a step or completes a flow, get notified with our Webhooks.

  • Smart assignment.

    When a flow finishes, assign the customer to a team or agent to provide in-depth support in your Inbox.

  • Integrate with anything.

    For advanced actions, connect Hilos with any external system via HTTP requests. Use those responses as conditionals or variables in your flow messages.

What can I build with Flows?

Here are all the modules available in Hilos. You can use them in any order to create the flow that makes sense for you use case: lead profiling, payment reminders, etc.

screenshot of an automated message module within a flow

Single message

Use this module to send a single message to your contact, with text, images, documents or videos.

When you use this module, Hilos will send the message and automatically continue executing the next step in the flow without waiting for a response from the customer.

Create forms with our Question module

With this module you can create complex forms, indicating what kind of answer you're expecting from the customer:

  • Free text, for things like asking for their name,

  • A Single Option from a list,

  • At least one option from a list (Multiple Option)

  • A number (with or without decimals, inside a range, etc)

  • An email

  • A location

  • A URL

  • A document

  • An image

  • A phone number

  • A date (between two dates)

Hilos automatically validates each answer, and if it's not a valid answer you can set a validation message to be sent.

If you want to have your user choose from a list of options, you can use WhatsApp interactive messages with buttons or lists to show the options.

Also, Hilos automatically saves each answer and you can use them in all following steps.

screenshot of an automated question module within a flow
screenshot of an automated menu module within a flow

Create menus

You can branch your flow logic depending on a user's answer easily with our menu module.

Add all the available options and show them with interactive buttons or lists, or as part of the message text.

For each option, you can set which should be the next step to create as many branches as you need.

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Split your flow with conditionals

Use our conditional module to add tests, and set next steps depending on whether the test was evaluated as true or as false.

You can use contact variables, answers to previous questions, or data coming from an external API to branch your flow as you need.

screenshot of an automated conditional module within a flow
screenshot of an automated conversation module within a flow
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Handoff automated to conversations to an agent

Hilos also lets you assign agents to a conversation with the contact. When you use this module, these assigned agents will see a new unread conversation in our Inbox.

This way you can route your customers to the right team, adding tags to both conversation and contact if needed, to easily grok who needs attention first.

Integrate WhatsApp with anything.

With our Action module you can make HTTP requests to any API or external system in a flow.

If you need to query data halfway through a flow you can use this module to GET the data from your system and use the response as variables in a later message.
Useful for things like allowing your customers to check the status of their order, etc.

And if instead of querying data, you want to send it somewhere, you can do so in any format you need.

This is Hilos' most advanced module and it does require knowing a bit about APIs, but it's flexible enough to connect any kind of external system the way you need it.

screenshot of an automated action HTTP module within a flow
screenshot of an automated tag module within a flow

Assign tags to your contact or conversation

To also have a better control of your Inbox, you can add tags to both a specific conversation or global tags for your contact.

This allows you to easily filter and search in the Inbox according to what each team does.

Take advantage of WhatsApp's message open rate

And build your company's processes on WhatsApp. Take a look at some examples:

a text conversation connecting a customer to a sales rep in an automated flow

Profile your leads.

Send your leads from your marketing campaigns to WhatsApp. Then, ask the user all the questions you need to profile them and send them to the right sales rep.

Try this flow
a text conversation with a payment reminder in an automated flow

Get paid on time.

Avoid friction on your users payment journey, automate your billing with payment reminders and payment links directly in WhatsApp.

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a text conversation with a smart notification in an automated flow

Smart notifications.

Notify customers when significant actions happen and let them take follow up steps like rescheduling or canceling appointments.

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a text conversation with an automated c-sat survey in an automated flow

Happy customers.

Get the right feedback from your customers asking personalized questions. Get it as a CSV or sent to your CRM.

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