Broadcasts: Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaigns

For marketing purposes or just notifications: build WhatsApp newsletter campaigns and send one-off messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers, quick and easy.

screenshot of Hilos’ Broadcast mass messaging feature

Build Marketing or Customer Service Campaigns.

Just like email newsletters, customize and send messages to all the phone numbers you need.

an iPhone showing Hilos’ interface below an Excel spreadsheet

Select a template.

Select from your pre-approved templates to guarantee delivery.

Upload recipients.

Upload your recipients in a .csv with all their variables to personalize each message.

Schedule your campaign.

Set and forget: we'll send your messages at the right time.

Get detailed analytics.

See open rate, delivery rate and read percentage.

Here's how our customers use Broadcasts.

Find inspiration to get the most out of your customer database.

Better monetize your customers.

Let your customers know when a new product, course or service is about to drop. If you can turn these messages into sales (and with Hilos, you should be able to!), your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) stays the same, but the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your users rises significantly.

WhatsApp is the perfect channel for these mass marketing campaigns: as long as what you're sending is relevant to your customers (and it should, since they're your customers already) you can take advantage of WhatsApp's higher message open rate and engagement metrics to get more responses and thus more sales.

Make sure no one misses a deadline.

For Fintech customers with payment reminders you can combine the best of both worlds: automated reminders and a human touch when a customer is ready to pay.

This type of interaction where an automated message prompts the user to take an action and a human taking over the conversation works extremely well for companies that have high value tickets or customers that expect or need a human touch to convert.

Build your customer journey

Using our API you can integrate your CRM with Hilos to automate when a broadcast needs to be sent, making sure you target the right customers at the right time.

Not only will your communications be time-relevant, you can get detailed analytics of which broadcast is working well and which is working fantastic, taking into account message read and response rates.

With these data points you can build better and timelier communications to convert.

Customer service check-ins

Prompt your customers every now and then to make sure you're always top of mind and any issues are promptly surfaced to your team.

This also helps for special events or time-sensitive communications, like communicating outages or when an action is required from your customers.

Designed to work with the rest of our tools.

Every single Hilos product is designed to work well together.


If your customers reply to your broadcast, see and answer their messages in your Inbox. You'll also know which broadcast they're replying to so there's no guessing required from your agents.

Trigger automated flows.

If your customers reply to your broadcast, you can also make those replies trigger a flow, so your team doesn't have to manually reply.

Automatic retries.

If for some reason WhatsApp can't send your message, we'll automatically retry to help you reach your customers without requiring any action on your part.

Smart rate limiting.

WhatsApp allows a specific number of conversations opened in a day for each company. We automatically queue messages when we know we won't be able to deliver them.

Start your marketing campaigns

on WhatsApp.