Connect your existing tools to WhatsApp with
Hilos + Zapier.

Hilos can integrate with your favorite apps through Zapier. Connect to your CRM, your support platform, your ERP or any other tool without code.

Hilos can integrate with your favorite apps through Zapier. Connect to your CRM, your support platform, your ERP or any other tool without code.

Here's what you can build with our integration👇


Hilos has these events you can use to trigger your zap:

  • When a contact is created, updated or deleted.

  • When a contact starts an automated flow.

  • When a contact finishes an automated flow.


    When an event happens in your CRM like a new lead, customer, etc, send them a WhatsApp message, start a flow or send a broadcast through Hilos.

    • Create, update or delete a contact.

    • Send a WhatsApp template with variables to a phone number.

    • Start an automated flow for a contact.


      Using both triggers and actions you can keep your data synced between your tools without needing to code the integrations yourself.

      Connect WhatsApp with whatever

      Get your data synced and automate everything around WhatsApp.

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      Send from simple notifications to automated flows.

      Sometimes all you need to send is a single message. When you need to do so or send an automated flow, do so via Zapier.

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      Sync your customers and leads with Hilos

      Keep your CRM and Hilos in sync: automatically create, update or delete a contact in Hilos when you do the same on your CRM, keeping a single source of truth for your data.

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      Start flows automatically for your contacts

      Use Zapier to start flows automatically for a list of contacts. Useful for sending notifications with actions your customers can take, straight in WhatsApp.

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      Get the responses from your automated flows straight into your CRM.

      Whenever a contact finishes a flow, get that data sent to your CRM or other systems without building an integration yourself.

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      Connected and synced with your CRM.

      Connect Hilos to your CRM and manage a single source of truth.

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      Airtable comes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet but with powerful options designed for customer management and more.

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      CRM mainly built for customer support, with a very intuitive interface and multiple options like videochat and live chat.

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      One of the most used CRM's worldwide, with specific products targeting the sales, support, marketing and other teams.

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      Google Sheets

      Google Sheets offers an easy and fast way to store your data with the convenience of being a well known tool.

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      CRM mainly designed for sales and pipeline-type processes. Simple to use yet flexible and powerful at scale.

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      One of the most complete and powerful CRMs, with solutions and services to accomplish almost anything for enterprises.

      Connect WhatsApp to everything

      without code.