Get paid on WhatsApp with Hilos & Retrypay.

With Retrypay, create payment links in 8 countries in LATAM and send them to your customers via WhatsApp through Hilos.

Start billing your customers where they are: WhatsApp.

Discover what you can build with Hilos & Retrypay

Do billing effortlessly

Reduce all sources of friction between you and your customer by giving them a simpler way to pay you, in the app they check daily.
No more log in and search for the invoice in your platform.

No code required

With Hilos you can create Retrypay payment links without any code, straight in an automated flow.
Retrypay has support for 8 payment providers in LATAM, all through one integration.

Smart routing

With Retrypay you can set smart routing for each payment, so if the first payment provider declined the charge, we try the charge through the next one. This boosts your acceptance rates and thus your sales.

Here's what Retrypay can do for your company:

Receive payments through up to 7 payment providers.

If one of them fails or doesn't accept a card, you can automatically retry with another processor, boosting your approval rates:

  • Stripe

  • OpenPay

  • Conekta

  • Kushki Pagos

  • Wompi

  • PayValida

    4 wallets included

    Not only is there support for credit and debit cards, your customers can also pay with one of LATAM leading wallets:

    • PayPal

    • MercadoPago

    • PayU

    • Rappi

    • Cash via OXXO

      Already doing payments in 8 LATAM countries

      With one simple integration you can get access to payments in these countries in LATAM:

      • 🇲🇽 México

      • 🇨🇴 Colombia

      • 🇨🇷 Costa Rica

      • 🇵🇪 Perú

      • 🇨🇱 Chile

      • 🇦🇷 Argentina

      • 🇪🇨 Ecuador

      How do I use these payments links with Hilos?

      Automatically create them and send them in an automated flow.

      Create payment links in a flow

      New Retrypay module in our flow builder

      Here's an example of how you can create a payment link: give it a name, the amount to charge, and specify customer, shipping & billing data if you need it.

      If your payment providers support it, you can also use installments (Meses sin intereses).

      Use variables to create a personalized payment link for your customer

      Use variables from the contact or previous steps in the flow to name your order, get the total amount to be charged or the products and quantities to add.

      There's no need to code anything, it's already integrated in Hilos.

        Your clients pay directly in WhatsApp

        Where's my payment link? Oh, in the chat

        When they tap on it we redirect them to Retrypay's hosted payment site where they can choose how to pay securely.

        Choose a payment method

        Depending on which payment providers you have configured in your Retrypay account, your customers will be able to choose between them.


          Get notified of every successful payment by Retrypay's Webhooks. You can even use them to send a confirmation message via Hilos.

            Manage your payment links

            Manage them in your Retrypay account

            To manage and see each of your payment links and their status you can use your Retrypay dashboard. There will be every payment link you've created, not only the ones from Hilos.

            Use Webhooks to build your payments workflow

            Retrypay also allows you to get notified of any payment attempt via their Webhooks.

              Connect your payments with WhatsApp

              Making it so you can send a confirmation message to your customer after a successful payment is easy with Retrypay's webhook and Hilos' API.

              Send your customer a single confirmation message or triggering an automated flow, in case you need to send them more info like a tracking number, etc.

              Hilos and Retrypay help your business grow by getting paid through WhatsApp.

              Our partnership goes beyond transforming how companies do business in Mexico and LATAM: we're working on creating a better experience for customers, allowing them to pay and get get paid via messages in the app everyone uses: WhatsApp. With our automated flows, companies can create and send payment links without needing to integrate with code and that are simple to use for the end customer.

              Get paid through WhatsApp

              with Retrypay & Hilos.