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Getting the access token

This Doc is under construction

Keep in mind that the information contained here might be incomplete.

Getting the Access Token

We need a system user to obtain a permanent token that will be used to send the OUTBOUND messages, upload the media and manage the templates.

We based this doc of this Meta Business Help Article - Add System Users to Your Business Manager

  1. Go to Meta Business Settings and select the business you created / selected when setting up Cloud API.
  1. First click in the sidebar on "System users" and on the page "System users" page click on "Add"
  1. Give a name for the System user and in the System user role select "Admin" and click "Create system user"
  1. Select the newly created System user and click on "Add Assets"
  1. In the window that opens you will need to select the App we created previously when setting up Cloud API:
    1. In the sidebar click on "Apps"
    2. Select the App you created previously
    3. Give "Full control" to the system user
    4. Click on "Save Changes"
  1. A confirmation dialog may pop up, just click on "Done"
  1. Next click on "Generate new token"
  1. Select the app that we added in the previous step
  1. A list of permissions will be loaded, you will need to select the three following permissions:
    1. "business_management"
    2. "whatsapp_business_messaging"
    3. "whatsapp_business_management"
  1. After selecting all the required permissions scroll to the bottom and click on "Generate Token"
  1. Now you will be shown the created access token, copy it in a text file / note until we save it to Hilos
  1. Go to Hilos > Settings > WhatsApp setup and you will paste the token in the text field that says "What's your system user access token?"