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Searching for a conversation on your inbox is easier than ever. You can find a conversation using the search bar at the top of your inbox by looking up the name of the person you're talking to.

Search bar
Search bar

Filtering conversations

You can also filter conversations by using the filters on the right side of the search bar. You can filter conversations by:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Conversations assigned to you
  • Contact tags
  • Conversation tags
  • Unread
  • Wether the conversation is archived or not
  • Time since last message
  • If the contact was the last to reply
  • If the last message was read by the contact or not

If the contact turned off the read receipts, the conversation will be marked as unread even if the contact read the message.

Filter conversations
Filter conversations

Sorting conversations

You can sort conversations by using the sorting options on the bottom of the filter panel. You can sort conversations by

  • Newest message first
  • Oldest message first
Sort conversations
Sort conversations