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Check if a phone number is on WhatsApp


Sadly this endpoint was deprecated by WhatsApp in November last year, so it's also deprecated by Hilos.

Before sending the first message to a contact, you might want to check if the contact’s phone number is indeed on WhatsApp. To do so, Hilos has an endpoint you can use to test this:


If that phone number has a WhatsApp account, you’ll get a response like the following:

"wa_status": "valid", // One of "valid", "invalid", "failed", "unchecked"
"wa_id": "5211122334455"
  • If the returned wa_status is invalid, it means that messages sent to that phone number will fail with the error message Contact is not on WhatsApp.
  • If the returned wa_status is failed, it means that WhatsApp did not return a valid response to our query. You may try again at a later time.
  • If there’s a network error between Hilos and WhatsApp while querying, we’ll return a HTTP 503 with the following body:
"message": "Could not check for contact with WA API"